1st November Discussion

A stock request would have a batch_id which could have 5 items e.g two of the same SKU watch, a ring, a pendant and a necklace. ​Not fully understand the logic of sending multiple items in a single request.
I could see the scenario though where Head Office decide to move stock between stores etc
Should I remove the logic of wherein a requester cant approve his request?
You would have stock checked out and stock checked in timestamp fields on the new table (and the user id checking it in) .. You'd have the user checking it out as they made the request.
How are they going to scan the stock items and update it to the system?
Essentially we shouldn't allow items to disappear in a retail system.
It is MASSIVELY important in pawnbroking as that item still belongs to a customer even when it has been forfeited and is up for sale again (one of the oldest laws in England)
Please if you could elaborate on this, as we have not yet implemented the transaction side of business flow.
If a customer fails on a loan and the item secured against it is forfeited ... It is then sold to cover the debt HOWEVER any profit belongs to the customer and most be offered back to them . This is an explanation for another time , just giving you a quick understanding as to why we track items so strictly
Not following this as well, would require some explanation.
Also, atm, we only have a stock transfer request form, where user fills in the details and is sent for approval to a manager and then a transfer request is created on the tblStockTransfers. Do we need a stock transfer create form as well, this won't require approval etc..

NDA & IP signing
October Invoice
Git Repository - Synerge
Render Hosting - Synerge
Foundation system to be vanilla commerce
Process of Transactions can take a different order e.g pledge and sale example
Global Settings
- Colours
- Logos
- Setup
Local Settings :
- permissions
- payments
- VAT by category etc
Locations - Bin Locations 3-2-15 = Aisle 3, Rack 2, Box 15 or Shop Window, Sales Counter
Item Page (product page) - rather than a modal
Product types e.g non physical, service
Product Attributes
Transactional Queries
Basket Class for commerce and transfers
API Authentication for login
Payments - Split Payments option (tills and floats)
Connect to Woo commerce
Create a Whiteboard doc and introduce code review in Coda
Extra Developers to work on
Account section (customer portal)
Printing contracts/ Receipts
Emails/ Comms/ SMS (Transactional & Marketing)
External API e.g G merchant center/ Sage/ Analytics
Website Connection
Reporting/ Accounting
Front end Agnostic e.g ePOS/ mobile/ Kiosk
Currency Exchange - API connection

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