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@Chris Brown
Can you add below what reports you use?

@Gail Webster
Can you add below what reports you would like, in the format you wish them to be?
Gail is away at present but will add detail here soon.

Below are details of the reports and sources that I create on a monthly basis:
Gold Buyback.pdf
122.5 kB
Gold Purchases.pdf
157.1 kB
112.2 kB
Location Stock.pdf
122.9 kB
180.6 kB
Stock Audit.pdf
105.4 kB
@Chris Brown
What Permissions are needed for users ? Presently there is only Purchase Limit and user Access level - e.g. authorise terminal and access certain functions? Any further
The current access permissions are fine however we need a bit more functionality adding to the basic user status so they can access reports such as sales reports and gold buying reports etc. I will list the reports they each need access to and attach a document.

@Chris Brown
Can you review the print paperwork needed/ delete what not needed here
@Paul Sweeting
Please advise how to upload documents
@Chris Brown
What functionality are you wanting for markup automation on Retail ?
If the retail price can mark up x 2.85 as a basic function we can then edit the prices accordingly. We would like to retain the option to adjust the mark-up margin if necessary.
@Chris Brown
when a payment is paid on a loan does it come first off the interest accrued or the principal amount?
Any part payment comes first off the interest accrued on the loan and then any remaining amount comes off the loan value. The new loan value is then the new principle loan value amount when the interest calculation is run ongoing.
I will have a definitive answer on whether to run monthly or daily interest on our loans in the next couple of days once I receive advice from the NPA / FCA.
Reference Interest calculation I have decided we will continue with our current methodology of rolling interest on the calendar month anniversary date as we currently do but we would like to incorporate the ability to calculate pledge interest by day also in-case we are ever challenged by the FCA to do it this way.
This needs building in from the start but we need the ability to switch to this method internally if needed in the future.
We would need the ability to deduct pledge interest owed if made to cancel under the 14 day rule or reduce interest under the 28 day early withdrawal rule and the NPA calculator could be used to work out the amounts but we would need the ability to reduce the amount to collect from the customer with the reason why as a text box.

I attach the NPA Calculations and methodology for your reference and will add further content tomorrow:
Copy of ESPPC_V2 Jan 2021.xls
227.8 kB
ESPPC_V2 Jan 2021.xls
237.6 kB
pledge test 22_5_23.pdf
998.9 kB
Using the NPA Early Settlement and Part Payment Calculator.docx
36.3 kB
@Chris Brown
how many pages of contracts and receipts are you doing a day/ month on average ?
Roughly 20,000 retail sales so assume 70% want a receipt 140000
1800 loans
2400 buybacks
3250 gold buys
and about 15 branch transfers a day
So assume about 25-30,000 sheets per year. between the 9 shops and H/O 2500 pcm minimum.
@Chris Brown
When a pledge is made, the customer’s item(s) is inventoried. It currently doesn't seem to have a location ?! How should it work? If you've a time over the Bank holiday can we have quick call ? Otherwise will catch you Tuesday onwards .
Hi Paul - Call me to discuss when you are able. Basically the location is the ‘loan book’ of the store that pledges it.
@Gail Webster
would be able to tell you which data tables it is stored in.
The pledge item only hits our location stock report if the item is forfeited and ends up in our shops to sell or scrap. In this case we need to ensure we track the pledge and as the customer has the right to buy it back at any time and the pledge interest still needs to be calculating in the back ground to calculate if any surplus is due on its eventual sale as this is due back to the customer and we write to them (automated letter) to inform them of this fact. Its easier to talk it through with you.
@Chris Brown
@Paul Sweeting
the Gold Pledge Items Sold or Scrapped report is compiled using the following tables:
Gold_item_status Gold_pledge Gold_pledge_items Gold_pledge_letters Gold_pledge_notes Gold_pledge_status Stores Orders_main Order products

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